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BC Forestry Fast Facts:

  • More than 80% of BC's forests are in the interior of the province
  • The forests in the interior of BC are the most diverse in the province
  • 95% of BC's forests are publicly owned and a provincial licensing and regulatory system tightly control their use
  • Forestry activity in BC generates approximately $4 billion in government revenues annually

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Assuring the legality and sustainability of Canada’s forest products
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naturally:wood - your source for the facts about British Columbia, Canada as a leading global supplier of a wide variety of wood and paper products from sustainably managed forests. www.naturallywood.com


Council of Forest Industries



Sustainable Forest Practices


Plywood is an Environmentally Responsible Product

CANPLY plywood manufacturers replant an average of 3-4 trees for each one harvested to make plywood.

Logs used to make Canadian Plywood are harvested ONLY from managed sustainable forests. Logs average 10"(25cm) in diameter.

100% of the log is utilized for veneer or wood by-products. Nothing is Wasted!

To learn more about the plywood manufacturing process (click here).


Managed Sustainable Forests


B.C. forests: a proven commitment to sustainability

B.C. forests are managed to be sustainable and to conserve all forest values. Forest companies reforest public lands with native species suited to local conditions. The province planted its five billionth tree in 2002. Canadian provinces set conditions in law for companies logging public forests. Forest companies operating in B.C. often exceed provincial standards.

B.C.’s public lands: a huge, undisturbed forest area

One third of one per cent of B.C.’s 60 million hectares (149 million acres) of total forestland is logged annually. More than half of B.C.’s total forest area will likely never be logged. Close to two-thirds of its 25 million hectares (62 million acres) of old-growth forests will likely never be logged.


Canadian Plywood Manufacturers Forest Management Certification

A listing of Canadian Plywood Manfucturers - CANPLY Plywood and their Forest Management Certification by individual company (Download PDF)