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CANPLY member products have a reputation for quality and performance and meet International Standards throughout the world.

Look for our "Mark of Excellence":

The CANPLY "Mark of Excellence" is an assurance to consumers that our plywood meets the high quality standards established by the industry and that it will perform in a satisfactory and predictable manner. Only plywood manufactured by member companies of CANPLY are licensed to use this stamp.

CANPLY Assurance of Quality:

CANPLY member companies warrant their certified plywood against manufacturing defects including delamination. Please see specific manufacturer’s warranty for details.

Why Plywood?

Plywood outperforms all other panels on the market:

· Highly Stable
· Stronger & Lightweight
· Impact Resistant
· Proven Performance
· Environmentally Responsible
· Value Added

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About CANPLY Plywood

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CANPLY EXTERIOR plywood is an engineered panel manufactured by laminating layers of wood veneer together with resin adhesive under heat and pressure to form a strong, stable, durable panel three or more layers thick.

These layers, or plies, of wood veneer are peeled from logs chosen for their quality, symmetry, straight grain and size. They are debarked, cut into segments and rotated at high speed in a lathe. The wood veneer is peeled off in long strips.

All CANPLY EXTERIOR plywood is made from rotary-cut veneer at our members' modern, highly efficient mills. Quality control checks are performed during this process to ensure veneer is of uniform thickness and consistent quality.

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Not All Plywood is the Same

Although many plywoods are manufactured using similar techniques, they are by no means equal in performance or function.

For instance, plywood may be rated for INTERIOR or EXTERIOR use depending upon the performance of the glue line and the quality of veneer.

All CANPLY plywood is rated for EXTERIOR use because it is manufactured with a waterproof resin adhesive which ensures a durable bond under conditions of extreme moisture, stress and wide fluctuations in temperature. Also, the size of knots, holes and other characteristics is restricted to exclude those which are known to have a significantly adverse effect on bond quality.

Some imported plywood panels sold under Canadian names do not meet Canadian standards. Specify CANPLY EXTERIOR plywood to guarantee genuine Canadian plywood manufactured to Canadian standards.

Why Canadian Plywood?

• Outstanding Quality
CANPLY plywood will meet your highest standards of quality. Our panels have all the features expected from a premium structural panel.

• Smaller Knots
Long, cold, Canadian winters produce quality tight-knotted, fine grained wood.

• We Certify to US Standards
CANPLY plywood meets or exceeds PS1 US Grade Standards

• Superior Wet Performance
CANPLY plywood continues to perform even when wet and our Canadian wood species have shown superior resistance to warp

• Versatility
CANPLY member companies can produce a vast range of products to meet your specificiations or we can supply our patented T&G roof and floor sheathing for easy installation

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