NOminal thicknesses
Physical Properites (all thicknesses)
7.5 mm - 5/16"
9.5 mm - 3/8"
12.5 mm - 1/2"
15.5 mm - 5/8"
18.5 mm - 3/4"
20.5 mm - 13/16"
22.5 mm - 7/8"
25.5 mm - 1"
28.5 mm - 1 1/8"
31.5 mm - 1 1/4"
Glossary of Engineering Properties

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Panel weight is influenced by two main factors - the panel compression during the manufacturing process and the wood species. For the builder, a lighter panel makes for easier handling and installation. For the distributor, the heavier product will cost more to ship.

Nail holding is especially important for hardwood flooring and roof shingle installations. Both these products rely on the panel to grip the nail for the life of the structure. Inadequate nail holding can lead to a loose and squeaky flooring nail, or losing shingles in high winds.

Thickness Swell happens when a panel is exposed to wet conditions during construction. Excessive Thickness Swell may cause “ridging” at the panel edges. These ridges can show through materials such as carpet, vinyl flooring and asphalt shingles, and can also lead to floor tiles popping or cracking.

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Plywood Engineering Properties

Physical Properties
(All Thicknesses)



500 (DFP), 450 (CSP)

Nail Holding

15 13

Thickness Swell

7 10-30

1. Plywood densities based on CANPLY publication Plywood Design Fundamentals.
OSB density based on Canadian Wood Council design information and TECO publication Design Capacities for OSB.

2. Nail Holding data based on APA Report T2001-3A. Test procedure per ASTM D1761 using Senco Nail, BJ23E, 0.099” x 2¼”, at dry conditions. Data presented is the calculated average of 460 tests, with specimens ranging from 3/8” to 1-1/8” thick.

3. Thickness Swell data based on tests performed at the CANPLY Technical Centre. Test procedure per CSA O325.1, Section 5.11 following the 14 day one-side wetting conditioning. Values presented for plywood are the calculated average of test results. Values presented for OSB are the calculated averages from various products - from premium to commercial grade.

4. Values not intended for design, but for information purposes only.