EXTERIOR DFP : Unsanded Grades



Characteristics:Unsanded. Face may contain limited size knotholes and other minor defects.

Typical Applications:

Roof, wall and floor sheathing. Hoarding. Packaging. Construction use where sanded material is not required.

Look for our "Mark of Excellence"

The CANPLY "Mark of Excellence" is an assurance to consumers that our plywood meets the high quality standards established by the industry and that it will perform in a satisfactory and predictable manner. Only plywood manufactured by member companies of CANPLY are licensed to use this stamp.

CANPLY Assurance of Quality:

CANPLY member companies warrant their certified plywood against manufacturing defects including delamination. Please see specific manufacturer's warranty for details.

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Plywood Grades Veneer Grades
  Face Inner
Good Two Sides A C A
Good One Side A C C
Select Tight Face
B* C C
Select (SEL) B C C
Sheathing (SHG) C C C
Medium Density Two Sides (MDO2) C* C C*
Medium Density One Side (MDO1) C* C C

For further details of veneer grade descriptions, refer to CSA Standard O121
* Permissible openings filled.

Sizes & Thicknesses CANPLY EXTERIOR Plywood

Thicknesses Sizes
Sanded Sheathing

Available up to 2500 mm

Available from 600 mm to 1250 mm

For EASY T&G panels, deduct 15 mm from the nominal width for net face coverage.

6 mm
8 mm
11 mm
14 mm
17 mm*
19 mm*
21 mm*
24 mm*
27 mm*
30 mm*

9.5 mm
11 mm*
12.5 mm*
15.5 mm*
18.5 mm*
20.5 mm*
22.5 mm*
25.5 mm*
28.5 mm*
31.5 mm*

All thicknesses are metric, but some approximate imperial dimensions eg 6mm (1/4 in.)
* Available as square edge or with EASY T&G edge.

Note: CANPLY EXTERIOR plywood panels are available in additional sizes and thicknesses on special order.