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CANPLY member products have a reputation for quality and performance and meet International Standards throughout the world.

Look for our "Mark of Excellence":

The CANPLY "Mark of Excellence" is an assurance to consumers that our plywood meets the high quality standards established by the industry and that it will perform in a satisfactory and predictable manner. Only plywood manufactured by member companies of CANPLY are licensed to use this stamp.

CANPLY Assurance of Quality:

CANPLY member companies warrant their certified plywood against manufacturing defects including delamination. Please see specific manufacturer’s warranty for details.

Why Plywood?

Plywood outperforms all other panels on the market:

· Highly Stable
· Stronger & Lightweight
· Impact Resistant
· Proven Performance
· Environmentally Responsible
· Value Added

Plywood Technical Data

Plywood Engineering Properties and Design Values


CANPLY Plywood Enquiry Form:

CANPLY is a trade association and does not sell any products. Please contact a sales representative from any of our member companies listed below.

For larger orders of Minimum 20 BUNDLES (Approx. 1000 sheets depending on thickness), you may use our order form which sends your purchase enquiry to all our sales contacts below.

Response time from individual member companies may vary

To make a plywood enquiry CLICK HERE:


CANPLY Plywood Manufacturers Sales Contacts:

Ralph Dawson

TEL: (250) 833-1252
FAX: (250) 833-1207

Chantalle Schacher

Office: 250-344 8883
Fax: 250-344-8801

Plywood Sales

Tel:(604) 278-9111
Fax:(604) 278-2617

Terry Upgaard

Tel: (604) 943-4233
Fax: (604) 943-3117
Cel (604) 837-4343