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PWF Brochure

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Why Plywood?

Plywood outperforms all other panels on the market:

· Highly Stable
· Stronger & Lightweight
· Impact Resistant
· Proven Performance
· Environmentally Responsible
· Value Added

Plywood Technical Data

Plywood Engineering Properties and Design Values


PWF Permanent Wood Foundations

Permanent Wood Foundations

A permanent wood foundation (PWF) is a better way to build a basement.

Basically a below grade stud wall built of preservative-treated plywood and lumber, a PWF is just like any other foundation system. It supports the structure and encloses space. PWFs are suitable for all types of light frame construction including single family detached houses, townhouses, low rise apartments, and institutional and commercial buildings. A permanent wood foundation is a strong, durable and contemporary building foundation that has a number of unique advantages over other foundation systems both for the builder and the homeowner. Thousands of PWF homeowners across North America are delighted with the comfort and liveability of their homes, as well as with the economies realized by this energy efficient system of building.

  • Energy saving
  • Year round comfort
  • Easier to finish
  • Quickly built in any weather
  • Adaptable to any style of exterior finish
  • Buyer appeal
  • Environmentally sound and accepted by building codes

CANPLY certifies the plywood used in PWF's to Standards requirements and additional requirements related to specialized species and layup construction.

CANPLY Edge-Marks

All plywood and lumber used in PWF's must be pressure treated with preservatives in accordance with CSA - O80.15-M89. The stamp shown below appearing on treated plywood and lumber assure that the materials are suitable for use in PWF's.

Facsimile of Certification Mark